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Early intervention for a longer, healthier life

In Collaboration with Scientists from the University of Oxford


About us

LatusPet utilises cutting-edge technologies to provide a personalised health and well-being test 'SINO' for your cherished friend.

SINO screening test is a key step in preventing disease or catching a disease early, which can allow for better treatment outcomes once diagnosed.

SINO only needs a 

sinlge blood sample of 1 - 2ml

Using AI algorithms with multi-omic data, SINO diagnoses disease with high accuracy (on average >90%)

SINO test covers multiple diseases: cancer, kidney, GI

and cardiovascular diseases from a single blood sample


What Our Happy Clients Say

“I'm grateful for LatusPet's SINO test. It has given me peace of mind knowing that I can take proactive measures to keep my dog healthy.”

Fabio, Milan

As a pet owner, I'm deeply thankful for LatusPet's commitment to pet well-being. Their technology has greatly improved my pet's life and my peace of mind. I couldn't be happier!

Michael, Padua

Latus Health's analysis was incredibly accurate and helped us prevent a serious health issue like chronic kidney disease in our cat

Francesca, Milan


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