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About Us

At LatusPet, we apply groundbreaking science to our love of pets and our concerns for their health

Our Story

A compelling tale follows Bobo, a former venture capitalist, his loyal dogs, and an entrepreneurial pursuit that transformed lives. Bobo was inspired by discussions about pet health startups and remembered the helplessness he felt as a boy when his Central Asian shepherd dogs fell ill and no treatment could save them because the disease progressed beyond the point of return. Determined to improve pet healthcare, Bobo consulted with his former Oxford Professor, Daniel Anthony, an expert in multi-omics approaches to human health. The idea of adapting this technology for pets resonated with Daniel. Motivated by this shared vision, Bobo developed LatusPet's groundbreaking testing technology, SINO, promising pet owners extended, quality time with their cherished animals.

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Meet Team LatusPet!

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